and a shiny new door

April 21, 2009

Here is an image of a shiny new door that I’ve been working on, as part of secret project art that I am creating for a potential client. Although I had hoped to render this in 3d, vector wasn’t so bad; the glass was certainly easier to play with, however it kind of looks like some kind of OSX icon.



mmmm, smoke-tinted glass and candy-coated ebony finish…



September 9, 2008

Hi everyone,

sorry for being so distant lately, but I’ve been involved in a few side projects, adventures and external courses that have kept me rather busy for the past few weeks. Most of the interesting stuff is so secret that I can’t even post it here, but I’ll mention it soon enough, when everything is in motion. In the meantime, go watch some TED talks and expand your mind…