Toronto Life Magazine Feature

April 14, 2009

A month or so ago I uploaded a post that mentioned a photoshoot that I was involved in for an upcoming article in Toronto Life Magazine regarding the recession and how it has affected young urban professionals (such as myself). Now available for public purchase, the May 2009 issue of Toronto Life features a cover article called “How To Get Ahead in a Recession,” featuring my likeness on the magazine cover and within the article itself.



Although the article itself is written from the slanted perspective of a generation Xer and the photography filters make the models appear rough and resilient, some of the arguments and points made are legitimately interesting comments about this important and difficult period.



One major criticism I have for the magazine editor/Author of the article is that although the exposure for those mentioned/seen within the article is certainly a privilege, we models/consultants do not have our contact information or website links included anywhere in either the article or the edition itself. If this article truly was concerned about how to survive an economic recession, I think it might have considered including this info as an opportunity for networking and legitimate exposure (not to mention perhaps paying any/all models included from the shoot)….

So as not to make this post entirely about narcissistic self-promotion, there is also another interesting article in this edition called “A Mighty Wind,” regarding the issue of whether (and how to) implement the idea of integrating energy windmills into the toronto skyline. Enjoy!


Shot in the face

March 22, 2009

On top of my already busy schedule, I was invited to and participated in a shoot for Toronto Life Magazine earlier this month. After confirming my information, I’m now one of a few other individuals who will be featured in an upcoming article about ‘the difficulties encountered by young professionals and recent grads entering their respective fields of business during an economic recession.’

Although I’ve yet to read the piece itself, I imagine it will be an interesting insight into the challenges faced by those of us breaking into an industry… during what is essentially the worst possible time to do so.

Look for the article in the April edition!