4 Responses to Anatomia Exhibit and logo design for the Ontario Science Centre

  1. awesome illustration,,,
    it has a deep meaning..

  2. Bryn says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am the coordinator of “The Moving Figure” at OCAD and MaRS that inspired the Anatomia show at OSC. There is a typo in your note above, indicating that there are students from Ryerson in this show, when it is actually students from OCAD University.

    Your work is well-done. It has a strong presence in the Anatomia show. The logo is also very good. It is so nice to see how this idea has grown and developed so far to be shown at the Science Centre, with over 1 million people per year viewing the work!

    • dankosaurus says:

      Hi Byron,

      Thank you for the heads up — I’ve amended the post to accommodate the inaccuracy. My apologies go out to both yourself and the OCAD individuals involved in this exhibit (credit where credit is DUE!), as well as my thanks for both your assistance and positive feedback.
      Hope to see you at the Science Centre!

      Science + Art = WOW

  3. tomaszharacz says:

    Interesting point of view…

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